Common mistakes (Answers 1)

When and If  
Answers: 2. you have, 3. arrive, 4. gets, 5. finish, 6. arrives, 7. are, 8.will have to retake; fail.

How do I use present tenses to talk about the future
Answers: 2. ‘ll stay 3. leaves 4. won’t happen 5. ‘s getting married 6. are going 7. doesn’t start 8. ‘m working 

How do I form indirect questions?
Answers:  2. where the cinema is 3. if you are coming home late tonight 4. whether the film had started 5. how I get to Oxford Street 6. if I knew Ellen 7. what she wanted for her birthday 8. when her birthday was. 

Tell or say? 
Answers:  2. say 3. telling 4. tells 5. saying 6. told 7. says; tells 8. tell

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