New words added in dictionaries

New words added:

Did you know that new words are added in Dictionaries like Oxford, Urban, Cambridge Dictionaries and so on every year? These new words can be found mostly in social media and are tech-inspired (and ‘buzzworthy‘, according to Oxford).
Two of the words to make their debut in the dictionary, selfie and phablet both featured on our Words on the radar post back in June 2012. At the time, selfie feature primarily in social media contexts, but had attracted media attention after Hilary Clinton apparently used the word in a text message to the owner of a Tumblr dedicated to an image of her texting. 
More words like, omg, FOMO, bitcoin, emoji, MOOC, Internet of things, Srsly, among others have their own story. 
:Today will be looking at the word buzz:
  According to the Urban dictionary buzz is:

  • Anything that creates excitement or stimulus
    “Playing PlayStation is my latest buzz.”


  • The feeling experienced by someone in a stimulated state

   “That’s nothing compared to the buzz I get from speed.”

  • Gossip
     So what’s the buzz about Prince William’s baby? 
  • Used as an Adjective
    6. Short, bald, shaved, cut off, clipped, shorn
  • Example
    Girl 1: “Can you believe Ashley cut off ALL her hair?”
    Girl 2: “Yeah, she got a buzz cut for St. Baldricks to support cancer research! I’ve got to give her a lot of credit. That takes GUTS!” 
    Hope you enjoyed this post. More coming up soon 

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