The good old stuff from my childhood

In this lesson:

  • You are going to learn how to use ‘used to’ to talk about old habits.
  • Look the images and practise using ‘used to’.
  • Take pictures with your mobile devices or search for pics on Google to make sentences and present it to your class.

For Teachers: Before class: It will be a great idea to ask students to take some photos of old toys they used to play with when they were young before this class. The first activity aims to get students notice the use of ‘used to’ and clarify that it’s usedto describe past habits.

 1. Look the example and answer the questions:

Tom used to be a vegetarian, but he started eating meat this summer.

1. Is Tom a vegetarian now?

2. Did he eat meat in last year ?

3. Which action is in the past?
I used to watch the smurfs every Sunday morning with my sister.

1. Do I still watch smurfs on Sundays with my sister?


For Teachers: Give time to students to answer the questions in pairs and elicit answers. Make sure students understand when we use the ‘used to’. To help them more you can present the following:

 2. Can you write down something you ‘used to do’ and you no longer do it?

3. Look at the pictures and key words and make sentences with ‘used to’. 



3. Now it’s time to write your personal examples. You can use the pictures you have already taken or search for images on ‘google image’. Write about 5 toys/thing you ‘used to’ play with when you were younger.
Here are some examples from previous students:
My mum used to read bedtime stories to me, this is one of the books.
These are my old shoes, I used to wear them at school.
 I used to read this book every day when I was 5 years old. I loved the pictures.

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