IELTS/ Useful links

Useful links for IELTS: For students and teachers:

1. British council: Mock-exam papers and interview skills.

2. IELTS-Exam.Net: Great set of links, sample answers and IELTS tips.

3. IELTS One of the best IELTS sites about. Comprehensive set of links to IELTS practice material and plenty of useful tips. Updated regularly.

4. IELTS simon: Great Blog , with links and resources. 

5. IELTS academic. com: Activities, Ted-videos and great useful resources.

6.  Excellent site with a wide variety of English learning activities organised by topic, skill and level. IELTS section.

7. Ted videos: amazing videos, and engaging topics. After watching you can press the ‘Think’ button on the right hand side for more practice. 

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