Technical English: Oil and Gas (Upstream)

Technical English: Petroleum and oil: UPSTREAM PROCESS

This post is suitable for anyone who intends to get a job in the oil and gas industry and wish to improves his/her vocabulary. In this post we are going to look more closely the UPSTREAM PROCESS  the EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION of crude oil and natural gas. 

1.  We asked a driller to explain in few words the UPSTREAM SECTOR and this is what he said: Read the text and match the bold words with the meaning:
      a. a tool or machine with a pointed end for making holes.
      b. an examination of something in order to find out about it.
      c. a deep whole in the ground.
      d. the act of removing something from somewhere.
      e. to move something from one place to another. 
      d.  oil in its natural state.

The upstream sector: The upstream sector involves the exploration for and extraction of crude oil and natural gas. The upstream oil sector is also known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector. The first stage of the upstream oil sector includes the searching for potential underground (exploration) or underwater oil and gas fields. In this stage, scientist study the rooks and look for rocks that can hold hydrocarbons. The scientist choose the best place for drilling then drillers drill the well, and sometimes find hydrocarbons. In the next stage, the company does test to find out ‘if there is enough oil’ and ‘if there isn’t any problem’. If everything is ok they continue to the next stage: development. In the development stage, everything is prepare for ‘production’ and the aim is to bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface and transport it. 

2. Point in the following pictures:
a. the crude oil
b. scientist 
c. the well
d. the surface
d. driller 

 Picture A:

 Picture B:

 Picture C:

Activity 3: Read the text again and complete the four steps in this flow chart.

Taken by the course-book ‘Oil and Gas’, Oxford. 

Activity 4: Now memorize the flow and describe the process to someone else…. 

For more information and details on the upstream process click here:

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1. a. driller
    b. exploration
    c. well
    d. extraction
    e. transport
    f. crude oil 

3.   1. Exploration
      2. Drilling
      3. Development 
      4. Production.


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