Working with Phrasal verbs 2: Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers I have to admit that my ideas are more creative than my first posts ‘Working with Phrasal verbs 1’.


  • I get them to use the phrasal verbs in shapes and graphics. Like this they have all gather in a handout with a definition and an example. They find that useful and memorable. It also works really well with visual learners.

This is an example a student of mine did last week. 


  • I  ask them to use the phrasal verbs in comics. You will be amazed how much they enjoy that and how fast they learn to make comics online by themselves. For the first time I suggest doing one comic together so they can see how to go about it.


You can make your own comics online in these websites:

Make beliefs comix


Play Games: Mystery Reward Game!!!!

  • Teenagers are incredibly competitive. Games and competitions work really well with phrasal verbs and students love it!

One game that we usually play to revise vocabulary is the ‘Choose a symbol’. Each symbol means something else. Students however, don’t know what each symbol means and I think it what makes it fun and engaging.

Step 1: Divide students into two teams and give each team a copy.
Step 2: Ask the first team to choose a symbol. Then you could ask them to give you an ‘example sentence’ or a ‘definition’ of the phrasal verb. (Alternatively you could prepare some sentences and ask them to guess the missing word in the gap)
Step 3: Once they have answer tell them the prize of the symbol.
Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3.

Some ideas are:

  10+ points
-10 points

  Double points

Swap points

     No points

5+ points

Play again (no points)

3+ points

Swap points.

Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment and share more ideas about teaching phrasal verbs to teens 🙂

5 Replies to “Working with Phrasal verbs 2: Teenagers”

  1. Hi Stella,

    Nice activities! Phrasal verbs are very useful but challenging for learners, so a range of activities is certainly needed. I like the way you have a mystery reward in the game, I'm sure that is fun for players.

    Here are some other html5 games (solo or pair play) for practising phrasal verbs (see lower right of page):

    I've made a bunch of phrasal verbs flashcard sets (with term/definition/cloze sentence) on Quizlet which you might like to use:



  2. Thank you for your comment Oliver. Quizlet is quite useful to revisit and memorise vocab,really like the LingoBingo game 🙂 and I think I'm gonna give it a go today with my students. Let me know if you try the mystery reward game.


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