Job interview question “tell us about yourself”


When helping students prepare for interviews this is the question, we find most difficult to answer. The answer should not take longer than 2 minutes, and let us face it is hard to fit all your skills in such a short time. 

1. “Tell us about yourself” :  The first sentence of this questions should be an introduction to "Who you are professionally" and what you have achieved. It is really important to mention any high profile companies you have worked for by name or any impressive projects you have participated. Remember to highlights any points that will make you stand out. End this question by answering "Why you are here". Here you should tell them how that you want this position and why

Let us see an example and analyse the structure and grammar when answering this question.


I have more than five years of experience as a technical project manager at top Wall Street companies. Most recently, I led the development of an award-winning new trading platform. I’m a person who thrives in a fast-paced environment so right now I’m looking for an opportunity to apply my technical experience and my creative problem solving skills at an innovative software company like this one.”

1st line: Who you are: 

The first line sums up her work experience using "have" (present simple)

I have more than ………. years of experience as a + job title 

I have more than ……….. years of experiences in + field ( in teaching, in computer science etc.)

2nd line: Expertise highlights:

Second line highlights an impressive projects,recent work or something that stand out using the phrase most recently, and then continues in past simple.

Time phrases: Most recently, last year, few months ago, 2 weeks ago, in my most recent position…., I led/ worked /participated/ ……

3rd line: Why you are here:

I´m a person who thrives in + situation (a fast paced situation, stressful situation, challenging situations)

other I´m a person who is enthusiastic about + something (learning…. )

I´m looking for an oppurtunity to +  verb (apply, further develop)… my + adjective (creative problem solving skills, determination and persistence, communication skills, team-working skills….) at + adjective (an innovative, a fast growing, a prestigious) company like this.  

Hope this is helpful. In the next post we will be looking at the questions "What is your greatest strenght"