Easy and Fun Accordion Paper Animal

This Animal craft is so much fun and super easy to make. You can use our free printable template to make the cutest DIY animal toy that actually bounces up and down. You push the homemade animals down and they pop right back up and wobble adorably! This activity works really well with kids age 5+. With younger kids we will need to give them a hand with cutting up and sticking the little animals. 

Here is the Youtube video on how to do it:


1. Ideas to revise vocabulary: Cut down the animals and get students to name the animals. Then play a matching game, turn the animals over and ask student to name the animals and try to find the pair. Or play animals in the river, place the animals on the floor, students have to listen to the animal and jump towards that way. 

2. Ask students to start coloring in the animals. Then ask them to choose two different strips of cards and demostrate how to do the craft. 

***** Cut up the strips and prepare the animal base BEFORE your lesson. 

Supplies for Homemade pop up animals:

– printable pop up Animals (copy – paste the above image)

– Colored paper 

– Google eyes (optional)

– Glue 

and scissors. 

Have fun 🙂 


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