Halloween Story: Winnie the Witch


Who's excited for Halloween? I am ! Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday, I just love magic, spells, witches, wizards, sweets…everything related to Halloween. So in this post, you will find lots of RESOURCES for Winnie the Witch, links and ideas for teaching littles ones english. Down below you will find the steps of a Halloween workshops we organised here in Pamplona. It should take around 3-4 hours to complete all activities listed in this blogpost.

STEP ONE: Revise colours, body parts and house obejcts( for older kids). Get kids to sit in a circle, drill the names of colours, body parts using flashcards. Get students to repeat after you and work on their pronunciation Play games and songs around vocabulary.


1. Ask students to close their eyes, and turn one colour, body part upside down. Students then, open their eyes and try to guess the missing card.  

2. Touch something. Get students to stand up, and move around. Students have to listen to you and touch something yellow, blue, nose, a friends nose. 


Body parts songs , click here: Head, shoulders , knees and toes….

Colours, click here: Learn the colours, preschool 

STEP 2: Introduction to Characters of the story

Print the flashcards of the song and drill the lyrics. Get students to repeat after you. Play games with the flashcards, and get students to repeat the lyrics. Another idea is to make a magic wand and get students to name the cards and take turns to touch with the wand.

Now it is time for the song. Play the song and get students to put the flashcards in the right order. Play the song again and encourage students to sing along. 

Click here to download the "Flashcards for the song" 

Song – You can access the song here: Winnie the witch song 

STEP 3: Reading/ watching the story 

You can read the story yourself using a PDF story book, or you can either show ss the Youtube video. Pause the video in the "Abracabra " and ask student what colour do they think Wilbur will be after the spell…


For the PDF book click here: Winnie the Witch: PDF book 

For the flashcards click here: Winnie the Witch: Youtube 

STEP 4: Post story activity

Place the flashcards randomly on the floor and read the story one more time. Ask students to listen and put them in order.

For the flashcards click here: Flashcards of the story

STEP 5: Activities from the booklet. 

This booklet has a number of worksheets you can choose from such as wordsearch, preposition of places, matching etc.

For the booklet click here: Booklet 



STEP 6: Craft: Make Wilbur. 

This originally is a headdress but I found that my students enjoy taking time to make things. So we made this instead. Firstly, I asked students to cut up Wilbur body, ears and mouth and stick it in cardboard paper. I drew the eyes myself because I wanted them bigger. Then I gave them a plastic box filled with cut crepe paper and demostrate how to do the activity. Stick some white glue, roll the paper into a ball and stick. 



Hope you find this post useful. Let me know how it goes. Happy Halloween 🎃

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