The worst and BEST moments of 2016

Christmas theme lesson


Description:This lesson plan is organised around the theme of the best moments of 2016 from the BBC news through the use of videos and visuals ' It also includes , vocabulary building activities and discussions around the topic of 'the best moments'.
Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate


Learners: Adults


Theme: Christmas


Skills: Speaking, reading , watching videos, Vocabulary.


Materials: worksheets, short video, BBC news, Visuals. 
Time: 1:15-1:30 (Depending on the group and Students' pace)

Step one: Write on the whiteboard ´The worst moments of 2016´.  Elicit of an example (e.g. bombing of Aleppo). Tell students to work in pairs and make a lists of the worst moments of 2016. Asklearners to discuss and give reasons why is one of the worst moments of 2016. Give time to students to share their ideas with their partner. Allow 8 min


Step two: Elicit students' thoughts and ideas. For higher levels students it's important to 'stretch' Ss in order to make the most of their abilities. Write down on the whiteboard any interesting words or phrases that can students learn.


Step three: Tell students that you are going to show some pictures related to 'The best moments of 2016 around the world'. Ask Ss if they know the story behind the photo. Get Ss share their ideas and also predict the story. Allow 8-10mins for this tasks.  






Step four: Elicit Ss idea, and give them the article. Depending on the number of Ss give one each or two each. Give strong Ss more articles if needed. Ask students to read the titles and match it with the pictures. Then ask SS to read the article, and describe the story to their partner and then to the class. Tell them not to worry about unknown words and we will talk about them later. Allow 8 mins


Step five: Elicit answers and get Ss to share their stories. Ask students which story they find more interesting and show videos of the most interesting stories. Allow 8-10 mins. Videos can be found in the article.  


Step six: Work on vocabulary and phrases (activities/worksheet). Get Ss talk about the meaning of phrases and then match them with the definition.  Allow 8-10mins. Elicit answers, concept-checking questions to ensure that ss have understood, give more examples if needed.



A.    Vocabulary
1.     To spark a worldwide hunt
2.     To go viral
3.     Touch the heart
4.     Devoted human companion
5.     A leap forward
6.     Call of duty
7.     Faith in humanity restored
8.     Hang up their slippers / hang up (one’s) boots
9.     Warm and fuzzy feeling
1.     Work in pair and guess the meaning of this phrases in context.
2.     Match phrases 1-9 with definitions a-i
a.     Usually a pet that is loyal to his owner for the rest of his life
b.     When something becomes really popular and many people share or like it.
c.     When you feel emotional, or moved.
d.     To permanently stop staying at home/ stop playing a sport.
e.     An emotional response.
f.      To carry a job or a duty a police case, military assault/wartime actions, or other military or highly   important jobs.
g.     To move forward.
h.     When you start (again) to believe in people.
i.      an action or event that causes something important to develop. In this case, people started searching, or looking.




Step seven: Get students talk in pairs about their best stories from their countries/worldwide. Allow 10-15 minutes. Tell students that they are going to present the stories in class. Encourage them to write down any words-phrases. Teacher write down any errors for error-correction at the end of the lesson, or good expressions. Elicit students' ideas and stories. 




a.     that restored your faith in humanity


b.     that went viral/


c.     about a devoted human companion that touch hearts.


d.     that sparked a worldwide hunt/ revolution/ movement


e.     about athletes that hang up their boots.



Step eight:  Get students to think about their own stories (positive) e.g. something they have accomplished, a happy moment, and talk about it in pairs. Elicit students' stories and close the lesson. You can also share your story *I am sure students would love  to hear your story 🙂 


Wish them a Happy Christmas and may all their expectations and goals be fulfilled. 


Merry Christmas everyone 🙂







Christmas mood on

A new post based on the theme of Christmas and the Christmas mood is On!!!

Language level: Pre-intermediate

Learner type: Teens and adults.

This lesson plan includes: Reading,Speaking, Presentation, Song.

Activities in PDF



1. Read and find out how people celebrate Christmas in the UK?


Christmas is a Christian festival and celebrates the birth of Jesus. Lots of people who aren’t Christians also celebrates Christmas. The preparations for Christmas starts in November. People decorate their Christmas tree and send cards to friends and family. During the Christmas Eve (24thof December) children hang up stockings for Father Christmas. On Christmas day (25thof December) people give each other gifts. It is traditional to eat a roast dinner, turkey or chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables.

New Year’s Eve (31stof December):

Many English people have parties in their homes on New Year’s Eve. Others celebrate in pubs or clubs with their friends and families or attend outdoor gatherings and firework display. Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, people hold hands and sing a traditional song called ”Auld Lang Syne”. They count the second down to the new year and when the clock strikes midnight, they hug and kiss and wish each other a happy new year. Sometimes people set off fireworks as the new year begins.

People often drink a toast to the coming year with the alcoholic drink called champagne. Some people let their children stay up late to join in with the celebrations.

New Year’s Day:

New Year’s Day is a holiday for nearly everyone in the UK. Very few buses and trains run on New Year’s Day. Most people stay at home and relax with their families.

New Year’s Resolution:

People often make resolutions at the start of the new year. Resolutions are things people have decided (or resolve) to do to make their lives better, such as stopping smoking or losing weight. Not everybody manages to keep their New Year’s resolution, though!

Text taken from:

2. Answer the questions:

A. What do English people do during:

1. Christmas?

2. New Year’s Eve?

3. New Year’s Day?

B. What do English people eat on Christmas?

C. What do they drink on New Year’s Eve?

D. Do the buses and trains run to a normal timetable on New Year’s Day?

3. Discussion:

How do people celebrate Christmas in your country? Write bullet points to help youpresent itto the class.


“Britney Spears: My Only Wish This Year”

1. Put the sentences in order:

  a. Seems like everyone but me is in love.
b. It just said this
c. Last night I took a walk in the snow.
d. I know exactly what I want this year.
e. Couples holding hands, places to go
f. I sent it off
g. Santa can you hear me
h. I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss

2. Fill in the gaps with the words:

hold underneath bow want hear someone own good wish
Santa can you ………. me.
I …………. my baby (baby, yeah)
I want to………… love me someone to……… me.
Maybe (maybe, maybe maybe.) he’ll be all my in ……. a big red

Santa can you hear me?
I have been so……….. this year and all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He’s all I want, just for me ……………… christmas tree
I’ll be waiting here.
Santa that’s my only……….. this year.
oohhh ohh yeah

3. Pre-listening: Try to guess the missing words and then listen to check.

Christmas ……. I just can’t sleep
Would I be wrong for …………… a peek?
Cause I heard that your coming to …………..

Santa can you ………… (yea yeah)
Really hope that your on your way
With something ………… for me in your …………
Ohh please …………. my wish come ……….
Santa can you hear me
I want my baby (baby)
I want someone to ……… me someone to ………. me
Maybe (maybe maybe) we’ll be all the ………… under the ………………

I hope my ……….. reaches you in time
Bring me love can call all mine
(yeah yeah) cause I have been so good this year.

4. Answer the questions:

1. What is Britney’s wish for this Christmas?
2. How does she feel?