Monopoly Quiz

#Magazine 2 

In this lesson:

-Discuss about board games and monopoly
-You are going to read about 'Monopoly' 
-Complete a vocabulary activity.
-Do the quiz 🙂 

Download the article here:
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-Do you like playing board games?
-What board games do you usually 
-Have you ever played monopoly 
 before? If so, did you win or lose? 


Activity 1: Pre-task
Vocabulary building
Read the sentences and match the numbers 1-9 with a-i.
1. The price of property has risen enormously
2. They went bankruptin 2009, and I had no money to buy my rent.
3. As a child he was dominated by his father.
4. Competitive games can relax the mind if approached the right way.
5. The demanded equal rights and justice.
6. Who invented the mobile phones?
 7. There are two versions of the game, a long one and a short one.
8.She was absent for nine consecutive days.
9. My favourite board game is Monopoly
1. Property control or have a lot of influence over somebody/something, especially in an unpleasant way
2. Bankrupt b.the fair treatment of people
3. Dominate c. to produce or design something that has not existed before
4. Competitive d.following one after another in a series, without interruption
5. Justice e.used to describe a situation in which people or organizations compete against each other
6. Invent f. land and buildings
7. Version g. any game played on a board, often using dice and small pieces that are moved around
8. Consecutive h.without enough money to pay what you owe
9. Board game I. a form of something that is slightly different from an earlier form or from other forms of the same thing



Read again and do the quiz. Good luck 🙂

10 things to see in London




I love English
(magazine article) 


'I love English': magazines designed for language learners that can be used in classroom as extra activities to add colour and motivated students.

You are going to: 

talk about London
– read about the 'top 10 things to see in London'
– complete the activities 


1. What comes to mind when you hear the word 'London'?
2. Have you ever been to London?
If the answer is yes proceed with the following questions:
3. What are your favourite images of London?
4. What things can tourist can do in London?
Reading: Scanning (tell students they have 2 minutes to  quickly scan the pages and list the 10 things to see in London)


Question: List the top 10 things to see in London?





You can download the magazine's pages here:
London 1
London 2
London 3
London 4

Reading for information ( Skimming :ask students to read again and complete the following activities. Students can then check in pairs.)


Vocabulary activities:
1. Match the word (1-9) with the definition(a-i)
1. chimed a. to restore something that is broken, damaged or torn to good condition
2. repair something b.goods that are bought or sold
3. boroughs c.a town or part of a city that has its own local government
4. guards d.a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs.
5. motto e.a series of actions that are always performed in the same way, especially as part of a religious ceremony
6. merchandise f.a person, such as a soldier, a police officer or a prison officer, who protects a place or people
7. ritual g.very fashionable and elegant
8. extinct ring; to show the time by making a ringing sound
9. chic I. no longer in existence
2. Answer with true or false and correct the false sentences:
1. The Big Ben chimed for the first time in 1869.
2. The red phone box is painted red because of the British flag.
3. Tourist like to take photos of themselves inside them.
4.The London eye welcomes more than 3.2 million visitors per year.
5.There are 32 capsules.
6. The crown Jewels are protected by guards called 'Beefeaters'
7.The Queen's guards are the most popular guards in the world.
8. The London underground is 100 years old
9. Harrods merchandise is quite expensive.
10.Every year, one London hotel wins the Top Afternoon Tea award.
11.The natural history museum has the largest natural history in the world.


3. Fill in the gaps with the words:
1. The clock bells……………… every hour.
2. My car is in the mechanics shop for…………..
3. Our…………………. is 'freedom, justice and love'.
4. The president has three……………. standing outside his door.
5. This shop offers an astonishing range of ………………….
6. Wow! This dress is so……………….

or download the worksheet here:

Closing the lesson:
1. Would you like to visit London?
2. What things would you like to see?