Useful links for IELTS.

General Links for IELTS: : Great websites for IELTS, with tests and sample answers for all writing, speaking, listening and reading. 

IELTS Writing 1 (describing Charts and Bars): links, writing part 1 vocabulary with activities, how to go on with graphs, bars and charts.   

IELTS WRITING 2: linking words, making paragraphs, structure, ways of writing a balanced essay.


Videos: Listening (tips)

Video 2: Writing task response 

Video 3: Writing Task 2: 

Video 4: Reading tips 

Coursebooks and IELT’s resources can be downloaded  in this website. Click here: DOWNLOAD FREE BOOKS HERE

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Websites for teaching/learning English 
For Students and teachers:
1. British council: (teens and kids): here you’ll find lots of listening activities and video content. You’ll also find grammar and IELTS exam materials.

2. English club: In this website you’ll find everything for students of English, from lessons to games and chat.

3. Multimedia-English: in this website you’ll find many cool videos , music that will help you improve your vocabulary and listening skills.

4. BBC English: Again here you’ll find a variety of activities for all skills. The ‘6 minutes English’ section will help you learn something new every day.

5. LyricsTraining is an easy and fun way to learn and improve your foreign languages skills, through the music videos and the lyrics of your favourite songs.

6. Ted: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world, with subtitles in many languages. Worth your time and it’s a great way to improve your listening